Weekly News Letter

March 12, 2020


Dear Parents,


If you are planning to travel over spring break, I hope all goes well and you enjoy your vacation. 

When we return on March 23rd, we will be ready to go! 

There will be a math test on Thursday, March 26th covering Chapter 6.  The test review will be coming home on Wednesday.

There will be a spelling/vocabulary test on List 11 on April 3rd.  The words will be available on Spelling City starting March 23rd.  After List 11, there is only one more spelling test, List 12.  Then the students spelling grade will come directly from their classroom work.  Words spelled correctly, punctuation, and proper grammar will all be figured together as part of their written work.

There are two more chapters in science Matter and Energy.  I am planning to do the chapter back to back and test after each chapter.  Please remember that all the chapters of the science book are online, and students are encouraged to sign on and review concepts at home for deeper understanding.

After science is finished, we will spend the remainder of the year working on regions of the USA and neighboring countries.  Most of this work will be done in class, but there will be food, costumes (if desired) and a presentation for parents near the end of the year for each neighboring country.  Parents will be asked to help with food and costumes. 

The students are working on our last classroom play.  Those students in the plays should be memorizing their lines at home over spring break.  When we have a date for the play, I will be sure to let all parents know.  We would love to have everyone come and join us in the classroom for some fun and entertainment.

Our team has not decided where or which day our end of the year field trip will be.  It will be the last day of school or the second to the last day of school.  We hope by that time school will be free to travel again. (Virous)  As the team makes decisions, I will let everyone know.

FSA reading April 1st and 2nd.

Still learning together,

Dr. Singleton


March 6, 2020

Good Afternoon Parents,

Thank you for the birthday wishes and the nice gifts.  They were appreciated and brightened my day when I was not feeling well.  Everyone’s kindness and concern were showing through.

Next week is a short week and the end of the quarter, so we will be working hard to tie up missing work or unfinished work.  There have been a lot of sick students in the past few weeks.

There will be a spelling/vocabulary test on Wednesday covering List 10. 

We have been reading the book Holes in class and we will be watching the movie on Wednesday at the end of the day.  Getting into the Spring Break spirit early.

We have assigned parts for the last classroom play.  Please be looking for more information to come home as the play progresses.

Still learning together,

Dr. Singleton