Friday Folders

Friday Folders

Each Friday a plastic Friday Folder will come home with student’s work and test from the previous week. There may also be a list of any missing assignments. Students need to complete any missing assignments, correct any mistakes and return the pages in the Friday Folder on Monday. Assignments turned in a day late will receive a letter grade down or points takes off for each day late. Assignments more than a day late will be expected to be completed.


If a student is absent, they are given a day to complete assignments for every day absent. Assignments completed on time will receive full assignment credit with no late penalties.


All papers in the Friday Folder’s may be kept unless there were corrections needed or missing assignments that need to be completed. If corrections or missing assignments were required they are due back the following Monday.


Parents please check Friday Folder’s each week. There will be permission slips and correspondence that was not listed on web page in the Friday Folder’s. Going over the Friday Folder with your student is a good practice to demonstrate to students that school work is important and you are interested in their progress.

***Please return Friday Folder’s on Monday!***


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