AR Expectations

AR Expectations

When we will start going to the library the first and third Fridays of the month. The students will pick out three books.

1st Book will be on AR level and be left at school

2nd Book on AR level and will be brought home

3rd Book is their choice and does not need to be an AR book


As they finish books they are able to take test in the classroom(after it gets uploaded from media). They may also go before school, after school and during our media time to the media center to take tests.


On our class web page there is a link that the students can look up books from home and see if the book is on their level. This also helpful if going to the Public Library is a fun thing to do as a family. Any AR book we have a test for is on this list.


         Students need to be reading 20 minutes each night.

 When we go to the library students are to check out three books.  One book can be a fun book.  The next two books are books on their reading level 
or above.  The second book will go home and the last book will stay at school
 for silent reading time.  At the beginning of the year the student will
 need to be reading books at an AR level of 3.5.  Books read below that 
level will not be counted as part of the required quarterly points. This 
silent reading time book must be an AR book on their reading level unless 
an agreement has been worked out with the teacher. The students are expected
 to earn 154 points each quarter. We will be setting our own personal goals 
for AR points in the classroom.  
                  Keep Reading :O)    


First Quarter 15 AR points
Second Quarter 15 AR points  
Third Quarter  15 AR points
Fourth Quarter 15 AR points